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Here’s How We Harness Our Expertise To Deliver The Best EV Experience To Our Customers

What’s interesting about our journey so far, is that despite being a short one, it has been enriched by the expertise of our executives, management, R&D teams, and other staff. Their well-researched decisions have helped us stay on the right track. All our products reflect our deep understanding of market needs, and serve as environmentally friendly solutions to those needs. Let’s take a look at a few aspects of our e-bikes that enable us to offer the best experience to our customers.

How Our Kollegio Range Allows You To Support The Environment In An Easy & Economical Way

If you’re familiar with Kabira Mobility’s rich range of e-bikes and scooters, you’ve definitely heard about the Kollegio, the Kollegio Neo, and the Kollegio Plus. As their name suggests, these vehicles were built for students who want a simple solution to their daily transportation needs. More importantly, it offers an environmentally friendly mode of travel that also allows them to reduce their carbon footprint. Starting at just Rs. 55,717 (ex-showroom Goa), these electric scooters are highly affordable and offer plenty of savings over a lifetime. Let’s take a deeper look at what they have on offer and how cost-effective they are compared to petrol-run scooters.

How Our In-House Manufacturing Is Helping Our Make In India Journey

Here at Kabira Mobility, we take our commitment to the Make In India initiative very seriously. We source most of our components from local manufacturers and ultimately provide homegrown e-bikes to our customers. Our various strategic tie-ups also reflect our pledge to this campaign by the Indian Government. But today, we wish to talk about something more in-depth-- how the in-house aspects of our manufacturing plants are helping scale production and letting us deliver on the Make In India pledge.

How Our Well-Equipped Manufacturing Plants Are Enhancing Our Delivery Times

In a country as large and diverse as India, demand for good products is already very high, and can spike up at any moment for unexpected reasons. During our extensive studies before venturing into the market, we hence vowed to lay huge focus on our manufacturing capabilities. This led us to set up three state-of-the-art plants in Goa and Karnataka that are equipped with highly advanced machinery and a dedicated workforce committed to delivering the finest quality e-bikes to our customers. Let us take you through all the technologies that make it possible for our manufacturing plants to churn out these vehicles with utmost efficiency.
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