Sourcing From The Best: See How Leading Manufacturers Are Contributing Towards Building Our E-bikes

The switch to electric vehicles (EVs) is absolutely crucial at this juncture if we wish to leave this world a habitable place for future generations. Through the years, on our quest to create the best environmentally friendly mobility solutions, we stumbled across several roadblocks that could have been overcome with compromises-- but that isn’t what we stand for. Our eco-friendly products are the result of an immense commitment to sourcing the absolute best parts from the most trusted companies around the world. And in order to promote the Make In India initiative and provide buyers with more affordability, we also source a lot of our materials locally. Let us take a deep dive into our sourcing partnerships.

A Look At How Our Manufacturing Plants Are Shaping Our Production Capacity

The Indian market is massive and companies always need to be ready to meet huge spikes in demand. The demand for EVs in the country might have suffered a blow due to the pandemic but there is still considerable interest being shown by the environmentally conscious. That said, the demand for EVs is set to rise again thanks to the various ongoing awareness campaigns, including ours, emphasizing their importance to the environment. Since the day Kabira Mobility was born, we have been well aware of the kind of demand we will face in India with regard to our e-biking solutions. To prepare for that, we have created three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities catering to different aspects of building the ultimate e-bikes.

Big Manufacturing Units Need to Go Green before it’s Too Late

Manufacturing accounts for nearly 17% of India’s GDP and provides millions with employment in the country. This sector is connected in many ways to several other industries, helping India thrive as an economy. However, one of the biggest issues that the sector has had to deal with is its contribution to industrial pollution and environmental degradation.

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