How KM3000 And KM4000 Epitomize Our RideToLiv Philosophy

The pandemic has been hard on everyone, but especially on bikers who prefer long rides that give them a sense of freedom and belonging. If you’re among them, you may be pining to saddle up your trusty beast and leave for a solo ride once things go back to normal. However, there is something you should consider before doing that.

Embrace #RideToLiv and Make Sure Your Next Bike Is Electric!

Just a little research on global warming will inform anyone that we are way beyond the point from which a slow and controlled approach will save the planet. We’re too late for that and drastic steps are now needed, not just from industries, but also from individuals. At Kabira Mobility, we believe in providing ample solutions in the e-biking space, allowing the environmentally conscious to embrace the RideToLiv approach. By taking this route, not only can you actively contribute to making your environment a better place, but also spread awareness about the same. Here is why your next bike should be electric.

EVs Are The Solution To Guilt-Free Commuting

The Earth needs saving and it’s high time we get serious about that. The effects of global warming have become apparent already and are affecting our daily lives. According to NASA, 2016 and 2020 were the warmest years on record, as the global average temperature was 1.02°C warmer than the baseline 1951-1980 mean. Extreme events like cyclones, draughts, and forest fires are becoming more frequent. Polar ice in the Arctic and Antarctic regions is melting, and could cause severe flooding events in the near future. While all this is happening, most of us are making small changes to our lives like using organic products and recyclable goods, but the fact that our vehicles are still actively polluting the environment can be hard to live with. EVs can be the most practical solution to this problem.

A Look At Kabira Mobility’s Diverse Solutions For All Your E-Biking Needs

At Kabira Mobility, our objective is to offer eco-friendly solutions. This belief is part of our RideToLiv philosophy, which is the driving force behind the development of all our e-bikes. We are environmentally conscious and offer products that are emission-free and technologically advanced. We have designed our portfolio to meet the e-biking needs of a wide range of customers that include college students, office-goers, hardcore biking enthusiasts, and fleet users.

RideToLiv: Make the eco-friendly choice to ensure a better life ahead

During the pandemic, when our country came to a standstill, we realised how much we missed the sound of birds chirping. When vehicles went off the road, we understood how the ever-increasing air pollution levels used to block beautiful views. When work-based travel was cut off, we realized the value of slowing our lives down. And as we gradually emerge from the pandemic, we’ve had ample time to think about our collective choices as human beings and their impact on the environment. We, at Kabira Mobility, have been evaluating and assessing this impact and if we had to describe our solution to it in one word, it would be RideToLiv. Because now is the time to take action and work towards sustainability. And we wish to pass this philosophy on to every person who is passionate about riding.

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