E-Bikes: One Of Our Best Bets Against Climate Change

E-bikes are emerging as a highly efficient solution for individual as well as fleet use. They are budget-friendly and help save on fuel costs too. And then of course, they are eco-friendly vehicles which emit zero harmful gases. In India, where the demand for two-wheelers is high right now and analysts predict two-wheeler sales to grow by 6-8% over the next 5 years, the availability of e-bike solutions can definitely contribute to a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

Switching to Eco-Friendly Practices in Manufacturing Facilities is the Future

Industrialisation and environmental responsibility - historically, these two terms have been perceived as opposites and even now, industrialisation is associated with pollution, toxic emissions, and overall environmental degradation. However, with some conscious effort, large-scale industrial growth can coexist with sustainable practices. For that to happen, all stakeholders involved will have to consider the magnitude of industrial impact on climate change and work towards mitigating risks.

How Exactly Can Electric Vehicles Contribute to Greater Sustainability?

As you read this, polar ice caps continue to melt, increasing the threat of rising sea levels. Every year, we continue to witness extreme events like cyclones, forest fires, and droughts, that are severely affecting our planet’s health. Not to mention, pollution levels are rising year-on-year, making something as primal as clean air to breathe, inaccessible. But things can certainly get better if we try. Acting responsibly towards the environment is the need of the hour and one of the most impactful solutions for a sustainable future is electric vehicles (EVs). Here are a few ways in which EVs can contribute to greater sustainability.

The Stage is Set- Arriving this February

We at Kabira Mobility are finally set to launch the much-awaited Electric Warriors this February 2021. These electric bikes have been engineered for the tracks and designed for the streets. KM 3000 touting the ‘Sports...

Kollegio- A student’s best friend

The overwhelming curriculum of students today often causes a strain on their lives as there is a constant pressure to-do it all. While for students who live on campus, it becomes easier and accessible...

Why Your Business Needs To Switch To EV?

The key to running a successful business is always keeping up with the latest trends. These trends decide how the consumers view you and your business. In recent years there has been a major...

India’s EV Promotion Policy

The Origin In the past years the growing wails of environmentalist to shift the world’s attention on the exceeding deprecation of the eco-system has streamlined the idea of switching from fuel vehicles to Electrical vehicles....

Sustainability is important to us!

Local Sourcing There is a saying which goes: “why travel far when the good is nearby? When it comes to sourcing our scooter parts, around 80% of Kabira Mobility parts are sourced locally. We have...

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