Sustainability is important to us!

Local Sourcing There is a saying which goes: “why travel far when the good is nearby? When it comes to sourcing our scooter parts, around 80% of Kabira Mobility parts are sourced locally. We have...

“Kabira Mobility is our vision of green, sector-based mobility that we are turning into reality!”

What defines us? Kabira Mobility had started development in 2017 to revolutionize the commute experience of the future; we have passionately and devotedly promoted e-mobility, by producing hi-performance electric vehicles. High-Quality scooters from our production Riding a...

What’s the future Of Mobility: The Likely Winners And Losers!

The current crisis has largely affected most industries this year. Not only is this a humanitarian crisis (over 14 million casualties reported till date), but also an economical one. Many businesses have experienced great...

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