How Our In-House Manufacturing Is Helping Our Make In India Journey


Here at Kabira Mobility, we take our commitment to the Make In India initiative very seriously. We source most of our components from local manufacturers and ultimately provide homegrown e-bikes to our customers. Our various strategic tie-ups also reflect our pledge to this campaign by the Indian Government. But today, we wish to talk about something more in-depth– how the in-house aspects of our manufacturing plants are helping scale production and letting us deliver on the Make In India pledge.

Achieving greater efficiency with automation

Our first ever plant, located in Verna, Goa, is equipped with a state-of-the-art automated assembly line. It is a crucial aspect of our manufacturing process and helps us achieve the kind of efficiency that’s needed to meet the high demand for our e-bikes. Not only is it completely reliable, but it also allows our workforce to focus their attention on other important tasks. An in-house automated assembly line is also a brilliant way to achieve quality control. With a capacity of manufacturing 12,000 e-bikes per month, our Verna plant can scale to demand pretty easily.

Another in-house manufacturing component that we are proud of is our automated inventory management system. As we said, most of our inventory is sourced from local providers but keeping tabs on them can become quite taxing for our workers given the massive capacities of our plants. We have hence developed an automated inventory management system that has turned out to be a powerful tool for achieving growth. It saves time, gives us a real-time view of our inventory, reduces chances of being understocked, and increases data accuracy.

Chassis fabrication

In terms of both the safety and integrity of a vehicle, its chassis is its most important part. This is why we wanted to rely on no one but ourselves in crafting the skeletons for our e-bikes. Our in-house chassis fabrication is operated partly by human force and this gives us the ultimate assurance of safety. The in-house development of our chassis has also allowed us to employ the tiny tweaks needed to make sure all our-e-bikes offer the finest performance.

The manufacturing sector accounts for around 14% of India’s GDP. This presents us with a huge opportunity to make a difference in the country’s economy by taking the Make In India route. We are doing just that with our three massive manufacturing plants that provide thousands of locals with employment, source most of the manufacturing materials from Indian companies, and perform efficient and environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices using advanced technology.

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