Why EVs Are The Right Choice For Saving Costs As Well As The Environment


The primary reason why electric vehicles (EVs) are projected as the mode of transport for the future is their potential to save the environment. When EVs become more common, air pollution caused by two-wheelers are expected to decrease significantly. But this will only be possible if there is large-scale adoption of EVs, for which, there are a few barriers along the road. The most common one is high prices. While this is true to some extent, EVs cover up their extra cost very early in their lifecycles and can hence contribute to significant savings in the long run.

Cost of charging

Petrol and diesel prices have been skyrocketing lately. In many states in India, the cost of petrol has already breached the Rs. 100/litre mark. At such rates, the operational cost of petrol vehicles can reach up to Rs. 9/km, whereas that of diesel vehicles can touch Rs. 6/km. If you’re wondering about CNG vehicles, they can cost you about Rs. 2.5/km. Based on current electricity prices around India, EVs would cost you just Re. 1/km. 

Cheaper to maintain

Conventional vehicles require large engines that occupy a lot of the space on their chassis. An EV runs on a motor that’s directly powered by a battery, which means that there’s a considerably low number of parts to deal with. In the long term, this results in remarkably low maintenance costs since there are fewer parts to deal with. And while it’s true that all EV batteries eventually degrade, that doesn’t happen before a period of around eight years. 

Tax benefits

In an effort to encourage EV adoption, a number of Indian states are waiving off road tax on EVs. Moreover, the Government of India has come up with an extensive program for transport electrification through Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles (FAME) schemes (I and II).  result in 5% reduction of GST on EVs and even offer an income tax exemption of up to Rs. 1,50,000 on interest payments for EV loans.

Environmental benefits

This is the most obvious among all the advantages of EVs. They produce zero emissions and actively contribute towards lowering air pollution levels. And though large-scale manufacturing of EVs could undo all their benefits, their manufacturers are well aware of this issue. They are hence making sure that eco-friendly methods are adopted in their facilities. At Kabira Mobility, all our manufacturing plants are powered by solar energy completely. Alongside, we have also planted more than 4,500 trees around our factories and offices, and installed water harvesting systems.

The common perception around EVs is dominated by their environmental benefits as it should be. But they are extremely cost efficient too. Purchasing EVs at a slightly high price can certainly benefit you in the long run as the cost gets adjusted eventually.

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