EVs Are The Solution To Guilt-Free Commuting


The Earth needs saving and it’s high time we get serious about that. The effects of global warming have become apparent already and are affecting our daily lives. According to NASA, 2016 and 2020 were the warmest years on record, as the global average temperature was 1.02°C warmer than the baseline 1951-1980 mean. Extreme events like cyclones, draughts, and forest fires are becoming more frequent. Polar ice in the Arctic and Antarctic regions is melting, and could cause severe flooding events in the near future. While all this is happening, most of us are making small changes to our lives like using organic products and recyclable goods, but the fact that our vehicles are still actively polluting the environment can be hard to live with. EVs can be the most practical solution to this problem.

The new way to commute

An average passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, adding to the existing air pollution levels, year on year. According to a Lancet report, about 1.7 million Indians died due to air pollution in 2019. An EV can help combat vehicular emission to a large extent as EVs have absolutely zero C02 emissions. Just imagine how big of an impact EVs can have on the environment.

Ride guilt-free with e-bikes

At Kabira Mobility, we believe in our RideToLiv philosophy and understand that now is the right time to make the push towards sustainability. We have hence put our expertise to good use by creating a range of e-biking options for Indian buyers for guilt-free riding. With a manufacturing capacity of 78,000 e-bikes per month, we are ready to meet the high demand of environmentally conscious individuals, who prefer to use two-wheelers for their daily commutes.

Our commitment to the environment

We believe not only in providing clean mobility solutions, but also in acting responsibly towards the environment in every way possible. Any consumer riding our e-bike is completely cutting down on their CO2 emissions. Also, our e-bikes are manufactured in the most environment-friendly manner as all our manufacturing facilities are powered by solar energy completely. We are even committed to water recycling, which is why we’ve installed water harvesting systems at all our facilities. Earlier this year, we started our journey towards being completely paperless. Even our user manuals and printed brochures are offered in the form of PDF files in an effort to move away from our reliance paper and become more sustainable. Furthermore, we have planted more than 4,500 trees around our facilities to give back to the environment.

With our expertise and our e-bike solutions, we are continuing our contribution towards reduced CO2 emissions and in the process, also helping prevent noise pollution. Riding a Kabira Mobility e-bike helps our consumers add to their green footprint, and also helps them travel conveniently and with a clear conscience.

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