During the pandemic, when our country came to a standstill, we realised how much we missed the sound of birds chirping. When vehicles went off the road, we understood how the ever-increasing air pollution levels used to block beautiful views. When work-based travel was cut off, we realized the value of slowing our lives down. And as we gradually emerge from the pandemic, we’ve had ample time to think about our collective choices as human beings and their impact on the environment. We, at Kabira Mobility, have been evaluating and assessing this impact and if we had to describe our solution to it in one word, it would be RideToLiv. Because now is the time to take action and work towards sustainability. And we wish to pass this philosophy on to every person who is passionate about riding. 

Earth needs healing

We see, hear and read about how Nature is suffering every day. Our oceans are littered with plastic and are becoming increasingly dangerous for marine life. Cyclones have become more common than ever before, and extreme heatwaves, wildfires, and floods are destroying more and more ecosystems with each passing year. Experts even link the COVID-19 pandemic to deforestation and extinctions. It’s clear that climate change is man-made and if drastic actions are not taken in the next few years, things could be way worse than what they are right now. The time to act is now!

Choices need to be made

A collective shift towards eco-friendly practices is the only thing that can help maintain nature’s balance. We could do that by making changes to everyday practises like reducing energy usage, avoiding the use of plastic, holding off on air travel, and switching to electric vehicles (EVs). Yes, EVs could be one of our biggest weapons against climate change. Not only do they offer the zero-emission promise, but since they’re built with focus on sustainability, they keep our environment healthy. RideToLiv signifies making the switch to EVs in an effort to save the environment.

Eco-friendly mobility

In your quest to save the environment, you can take the EV approach. Seeing this need, and in keeping with our RideToLiv approach, we, at Kabira Mobility, wish to provide consumers with ample choices when it comes to e-bikes. Our range includes options that cater to our diverse consumer base, from students who have just learnt riding to avid biking enthusiasts. And we’ve priced them competitively as well.

Whether you’re a corporate professional in Bangalore or a travel blogger roaming the globe, climate change could have a big impact on your life. However, your choices and actions would also have a big impact on climate change. Let’s ride to create an impact – a positive impact on our environment. Let’s RideToLiv.


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